Support Services:

Phone Support

Phone Support:

Sometimes, we just need to talk to someone! In the midst of a question or concern, your customers just feel better hearing your voice and addressing their needs through natural human contact. Phone suport is the richest form of communication we offer and the most impactful touch point to leverage and reinforce your brand's equity.


Email Support

Email Support:

Customers aren't always in the mood to chat. They simply want to explain their question, need or concern in a detailed written request and move on. Email support is a great way to address your customer's needs through an email exchange that allows them to respond at their convenience.

Special Support:

Custom Support:

We understand your business is unique and your support services may be as well. That's why we offer customizable service solutions that accommodate any need you may have. As integrated brand ambassadors, our agents are multifaceted and offer a myriad of skills that make you a better run business. Whether they're on the phone, in a chat session or sending an email, your InfinitySupport team is equipped with the skills to solve complex technical problems, upsell or cross products and services, and address account inquiries through billing support.

Redundant Call Center Support:

We understand your business may require the use of several partners. As a part of your team, we work to support everyone that's a part of it. Our redundant call center support system can be your back up when partner networks are tapped and they need a helping hand to capture the overflow.

Dedicated Support:

To give your customers the dedicated attention they deserve, InfinitySupport can construct a team of agents including Level 1 & Level 2 supports, Supervisors, Quality Assurance managers and Trainers that serve your brand exclusively.

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